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Metal Identification

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The metal identification application detects common alloys of all base groups and visualizes the hit probability of the sensor readings compared to a pre-installed database.

The Metal Identification application is a software extension for the METALSCOPE [MI-LAB 2].


  • Application area

    Metal identification

    The metal identification application is used in the quality control of metal processing companies. Unknown metals can be returned to production, or incorrect material designation can be found.

  • Produktbeschreibung

    Metal identification

    The Metal Identification application includes many useful functionality, optimized for fast and handy use up to cloud-based multifabrication quality processes.

    A pre-installed database contains many common alloys. Database expansion via cloud update or by the user is possible at any time.

  • Wirkprinzip

    Multi Algorithm Prozessing

    The magnetic field spectra generated in METALSCOPE [MI-LAB 2] are analyzed evaluated by a variety of algorithms. The alloy-specific physical identification features are compared with the database and visualized.

    • Sequence decoding
    • Nearest Neighbor
    • Machine Learning
  • Specifications

    Technical data

    • Preloaded database with common alloys
    • Subdivision into base group-material number-batch
    • Protocol function
    • Namisens service included
    • Extendable with private database
    • Cloud preparation
    • Measuring Dashboard
    • App for Android
  • Scope of delivery

    included in the delivery

    • Android App Confusion Check
    • Preinstalled database
    • Preparation for the Measuring Dashboard
    • Preparation for Sensor Data Cloud
    • Measured value logging
    • Namisens service
    • free atomic spectroscopy laboratory analysis

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The following METALSCOPE can be combined the with the above application.

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