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High Power Demagnetization

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Service for demagnetization of ferritic materials by means of controlled and mobile demagnetizers on site.

The range of services for magnetic field technology is carried out by our cooperation partners.


  • Application area

    Demagnetization of materials

    Demagnetizing ferromagnetic components brings benefits in many industrial applications. The areas of application are: Reduction of abrasion and adhering chips, technical cleanliness and reduced particle contamination, magnetic field reduction for eddy current sensors, magnetic field reduction for magnetic particle inspection.

  • Product description

    Demagnetization of materials

    The demagnetizing units are composed of coil modules and power modules, which allows to efficiently assemble solutions for different applications. The power and coil modules are available in different sizes. The plants are suitable for demagnetization in the pulse process or the continuous process.

  • Working principle

    Pulse process / Continuous process

    The pulse method is based on a precisely controlled alternating current pulse flowing through a specially adapted electrocoil. The coil generates an alternating magnetic field corresponding to the current. The parts to be demagnetized are positioned in the effective range of the coil, and the pulse is then triggered. The current pulse is completely controlled by the control system.

  • Specifications

    Technical data

    • application-dependent
  • Scope of delivery

    Included in the service

    • Demagnetization from place
    • Demagnetization internal
    • Solution of problem in production
    • Consulting magnetic field technology

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