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Anodized Layer Thicknesses

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The anodized coating thickness application determines the anodized coating thickness on all aluminum alloys in the measuring range between 1 µm and 300 µm.

The anodizing layer thickness application is a software supplement for the METALSCOPE [MI-LAB 2].


  • Application area

    Anodized layer thicknesses

    By means of this application, anodizing layer thicknesses can be determined on all common aluminum alloys.

  • Product description

    Anodized layer thicknesses

    The anodizing layer thickness measurement application determines the layer thickness of anodizing on aluminum regardless of the alloy when applied within one second.

  • Working principle

    Multifrequency Amplitude sensitive

    Magnetic fields of different frequencies determine the base metal and the anodized coating thickness of the test specimen. Since the anodizing is electrically non-conductive, it behaves in an amplitude-sensitive manner corresponding to an electrically non-conductive coating layer. These sensor signals are then displayed in µm in the app, independent of the alloy.

  • Specifications

    Technical data

    • Measuring range: 1 µ up to 230 µm
    • Measured value deviation: ±1µm
    • Repeatability: < 100 nm
    • Measuring temperature: 10 °C up to 50 °C
    • Test specimen temperature: 10 °C up to 50 °C
    • Temperature difference between test specimen and measuring device: dT < 5 °C
    • Surface of the test specimen: smooth

    Alloy to be used: anodizable alloys Al-based

  • Scope of delivery

    included in the delivery

    • Android App Anodized Layer Thickness Measurement
    • Preparation for the Measuring Dashboard
    • Preparation for Sensor Data Cloud
    • free atomic spectroscopy laboratory analysis

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The following METALSCOPE can be combined the with the above application.

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