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WEEE Reg. No.DE 93492845

The METALSCOPE [MI-LAB 2] is a handheld instrument for non-destructive testing and identification of metals and alloys.


  • Application area


    The METALSCOPE [MI-LAB 2] is used in quality control, sorting tasks, material testing, metal mix-up testing and much more.

  • Product description


    The METALSCOPE [MI-LAB 2] is a smartphone controlled and mobile measuring, testing and analyzing device. It is even possible to use the METLACOPE [MI-LAB 2] in the laboratory or in a harsh oil-contaminated environment.

  • Working principle

    Magnetic spectroscopy

    Magnetic spectroscopy is a magnetic-inductive detection method, which has been specially developed for the multi-application field.

  • Specifications

    Technical data

    Please find below the technical data concerning the METALSCOPE [MI-LAB 2].

    • Operating temperature: 0 °C up to 50 °C
    • Storage temperature: 0 °C up to 70 °C
    • Battery capacity: 1,800 mAh
    • Charging time: 12 h
    • Interfaces: USB, Bluetooth
    • Mass: 202 g
    • Sensor diameter: 14 mm
    • Magnetic sequence: 100 ms up to 1 s
    • Measuring range: application-dependent
    • Accuracy: application-dependent
  • Scope of delivery

    included in the delivery

    Please select METALSCOPE software to go with the hardware.

    • Chargers with USB cable

Combine hardware and software

The following software applications can be combined with METALSCOPE [MI-Lab 2].

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